Tinnedfruit - Boring Art - Black Vinyl - Test Pressing - Limited To 11

Tinnedfruit - Boring Art - Black Vinyl - Test Pressing - Limited To 11

Hot Wax Records

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Tinnedfruit ~ Boring Art ~ Test Pressing - One of 11 Made

Here at Hot Wax Records we're extremely excited to be working with Falmouth boys 'Tinnedfruit'. This is the bands third full length release and undoubtedly their most well rounded to date. 

The sounds and styles are diverse throughout, leaving you wanting more. It's really refreshing to listen to an album not knowing what's to come. The fact that songs on the same album can be so different and work so well is a real testament to how good this record and this band are. The apparent ease with which the sounds transition shows not just a real maturity in sound but is also a clear illustration of the quality laid down on this record.

This is a record that has the potential to really take the band on to the next level, below are some links to check out the singles released from the album so far.

You can check out Oh Matron // Red Wolves here: https://tinnedfruit.bandcamp.com/album/oh-matron-red-wolves


Here's the really exciting bit, you can now check out the latest banger from the LP on Spotify and Bandcamp - 'Steal It'



Standard Black Test Pressing  – Quantity (11 Unit Total Pressing) 


  • 12" Black Vinyl (140 Gram).
  • Poly Overbagged. 



      We're selling Just 1 test pressing, of the 11 copies in existence.