Hot Wax Records - Club Membership - 2018 - VIP Backer

Hot Wax Records - Club Membership - 2018 - VIP Backer

Hot Wax Records

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Introducing The Hot Wax Records Membership Club

The HWR membership club is a three tiered service, offering Basic, Full and VIP packages. All of which are exciting, diverse and provide lots of exclusives that only members will have access to. 

The amount of memberships will be limited to a maximum of 100 in 2018 - this will be split between the 3, tiered packages. 

As a label we aim to put out only the highest quality releases from bands we feel people need to hear. Signing up for a membership will come with many great benefits and also really help us as a label. In turn increasing the amount of great music we can put out as physical releases.

As with most indie labels it's not about the profit it's about getting great music in the hands of real music lovers. Picking up a membership is you scratching our back and in return we'll go one better than scratching your back and offer you some exclusive content instead. 

What Is Included In This 'VIP Backer' Membership?

All of our membership packages include; the exclusive HWR membership bundle, which consists of:

  • A HWR branded Stanley Stella organic round neck tee - Choice of Black/White & many Gender/Size options. 
  • A HWR branded custom high quality uniquely designed slip mat. 
  • A HWR branded hard enamel 25mm square pin badge - High polish gold finish. 
  • A HWR custom shaped 10cm vinyl sticker.

The membership bundle is just the start of what your membership get's you. Each tier of club membership comes with different features, below you can see what else you get with your 'VIP Backer' membership:

  • A copy of every HWR physical release in 2018 - Minimum of 2 (7"/10"/12"/Cassette/CD).
  • Members are guaranteed the most limited variant of each HWR release, Existing members will have a copy set aside automatically. 
  • The lowest numbered records of the most limited variant on each release.
  • A hand numbered test pressing of each vinyl release.
  • Direct communication with HWR discussing possible releases and your feedback on them.
  • Unique HWR gifts to you - This could be a signed pic or a personalised LP cover for example.
  • A unique member discount code to get you 10% off everything in the HWR store.
  • Insider Information and news sent out to members only. 
  • Shipping on all Items Is Included worldwide. 

Obviously you also get to rest easy in the knowledge that you are supporting both us as a label and the great unsigned bands we are working with. This is a personal service so we will discuss with all of you which physical releases we plan to send you in advance. 

The Terms & Conditions

Memberships are non-refundable and final. 

We commit to a 'Physical Release Promise' to guarantee every member receives the stated 'Minimum Physical Release' quantity within the 2018 calendar year. (7"/10"/12"/Cassette/CD) *releases up to £20 can be chosen as part of your membership / anything over £20 is not, unless you choose to pay the difference.

(The only circumstances we would refund a membership, is if we didn't meet our minimum Physical Release Promise - which simply will not happen, Ever OR if we feel that there haven't been enough memberships sold to make the project viable and in the best interests of the buyers).

Mail-outs will be strategic and planned to allow us to get you the most out of your membership bundle - Shipping is built in to the price so the further from the UK you are, the more benefit there is in shipping items in bulk rather than individually. We will discuss this with members to ensure you are happy with our plans. 

You may upgrade the tier of your membership at any point by paying the difference - we will discuss the options with you and agree to a new minimum 'Physical Release Promise' which will vary on a case by case basis. (will depend upon date - As to what the possibilities are). It will also depend upon the availability should you wish to upgrade to VIP membership. 

The membership runs to Monday 31st of December 2018 - at which point all existing members will have been given the unique opportunity to renew before anyone else has access to 2019 memberships. 

Have Questions About Becoming A Member?

If you have any questions regarding the HWR membership club then please do get in touch via social media or via email at: