Custom Phenakistiscope 'Dripping Wax' Slip-Mat

Custom Phenakistiscope 'Dripping Wax' Slip-Mat

Hot Wax Records

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Dripping Wax Slip-Mat

Oh boy do we have a treat for you all here, our custom made HWR slip-mats are the bees knees!

Featuring phenakistiscope animations which you can view under bright light with your phone/camera set to 30 frames per second these are truly magic! The techniques used to create the animation are essentially the same as they were back in the 1830's when it was first used, how about that! 

As pictured you can see how these designs look when still, they will not 'animate' unless bright lights and a recording device (phone/camera) is used to view them, the device must also be set to 30FPS to see the full effect. You can play around with the RPM of your slipmat to alter and find the best effect but we absolutely love it!

Our HWR Club Memberships include a 'Members Pack' which includes this slipmat amongst other merch items. If you are interested in one of these then please do check out the HWR club membership options as they are exceptional value!

Video Of Animation