Pre-Orders, Returns, Refunds


As a small DIY operation when we run a pre-order campaign for a release it is ordinarily in part/wholly to help fund the production of the release. It is for this reason we will not cancel/refund pre-orders should you change your mind. This is stated on each product listing too so please do respect this and consider it when placing your orders. 

Returns Policy

Change Of Mind

Returns for change of mind will be provided if you contact us within 7 days of receiving your item. We will provide a full return upon receiving the product back, return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.  


Damage In Transit

If your item has been damaged in transit we will of course do what we can to make it right. We want every buying experience you have with us to be a pleasant one. That being said from time to time items may arrive with minor imperfections and we cannot as a small DIY operation replace/refund in each of these instances. Of course we endeavour to do what we can to prevent this too by using brand new & sturdy mailers, stiffeners and by shipping LP's outside of the sleeves. 

If your item has been a victim of the ruthless worldwide postal network and is beyond hope then we will of course look firstly to replace it and if this is not possible offer a choice of solutions to you.