Our Ethos

The music industry is in flux, those who are part of it must adapt and progress to remain relevant. Music now is more accessible to us than ever before, with the internet offering us a plethora of digital opportunities to satisfy our fervent consumption.

At Hot Wax Records we know all about that warm and fuzzy feeling you get, when you get your hands on a physical copy of the music you love because we get that exact same feeling.

Owning, collecting and listening to records is a unique lifestyle choice. Totally different to any other form of musical engagement. It's multi-sensory being extremely enjoyable both visually and audibly. Once the needle is dropped on a record you find yourself on an unadulterated journey through an album, exactly as the artist intended.

It is this experience and the ritual of collecting and listening to great music, that forms the foundation of what we aim to do. This is why we are doing everything we can to help unsigned artists put out high quality, exciting physical releases.