About Us

Hot Wax Records 

As a huge music lover and collector for the best part of 15 years it had been a longstanding dream of mine to set up a small DIY indie label. Throughout 2017 I had been planning to get set up in 2018, the plan was to name the label Honeycomb Records. I had planned most of the branding and also started to look at some unsigned artists I quite fancied working with (and still do). 

However all my plans were thrown up in the air when one of my favourite bands, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, announced that they we're going to be giving their latest album Polygondwanaland away for free. I knew straight away that I couldn't miss the opportunity to put something together for the album and get it out there to people all over the world. 

The aim was to make sure the product was unique, of a high quality and would do justice to the band. The eventual products put together do just that and I am hugely excited about them going forward. 

Due to the fact that the label was being set up ahead of time and now releasing work from one of my favourite bands It also led to a change away from the planned label name. Hot Wax is a King Gizzard track title and a great track at that! It also serves as a great reference to Vinyl which is what I personally collect and hope to use for all releases on the label. So Honeycomb Records Became Hot Wax Records to pay homage to the King Gizz boys that inspired me to get this thing going ahead of times, it also helps that it sounds pretty cool too! 


What To Expect From HWR In The Future

I guess really the objectives of HWR are no different from those of any other indie label. The main objective is to find and help unsigned artists get a great physical product put out and to help them market and promote their work as best as possible. 

In 2018 I will be looking to work with some great unsigned artists and see what HWR can do to for them. Along the way the plan is to put together some stunning products to showcase their music and get them 'out there' for everyone to find and enjoy.