(PRE-ORDER) School Disco - S/T - LP - 'Nebula' Vinyl - Limited Pressing of 100 Units - Including Signed Photo

(PRE-ORDER) School Disco - S/T - LP - 'Nebula' Vinyl - Limited Pressing of 100 Units - Including Signed Photo

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(PRE-ORDER) School Disco - Self-Titled LP - 'Nebula' Translucent Red/Blue & Heavy White Splatter Vinyl  - Limited Pressing of 100 Units - Pre-Orders Include a signed Photo

Here at Hot Wax Records we're proud to be able to bring you the interstellar self-titled LP from Brighton based boys 'School Disco'. This 10 tracker is as raw as it gets, which is definitely a good thing! Mixing all of the great rock sub-genres into a cosmic crush and firing out tasty space nuggets. 

Throughout the record the 3-piece manage to combine elements of garage, surf, psych and indie rock and it's a real success. Coupled with contrasting track lengths, intensities and featuring some killer instrumental sections it keeps you hooked in for the ride.

First single DaDaDa (since we're talking in space themes) we'll call a 'Big Bang', one of the heavier tracks on the album it will mow you down like a space train, you'll definitely want the volume up to 11 for this one! 

DaDaDa: https://schooldisco.bandcamp.com/track/dadada 

Contrasting that with what is possibly my favourite track from the album and new single 'Not As It Seems' - it will become abundantly clear just how varied these tracks are, yet so stunningly coherent. By the end of it you'll feel like your having an inter-planetary love in with all your martian buddies. 

Not As It Seems: https://schooldisco.bandcamp.com/track/not-as-it-seems 

I think the LP is a real progression from previous works for the band and will hopefully be a great Vehicle..ok, how about Shuttle? to a whole new fanbase. So what are you waiting for, get stuck in and tell your mates too! 

Translucent Red & Blue A/B Side Vinyl With Heavy White Splatter  – Limited Pressing (100 Units Total)

Signed Photo - Pre-Order Exclusive

Be one of the cool kids...we're talking Neptune cool here (-214 degrees baby!) and bag yourself a signed photograph by pre-ordering, no extra cost, just a reward for being quick on the trigger! 


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