The Chats - Get This In Ya - 10" EP - Mellow Yellow Blob In Ultra Clear - Limited To 190

The Chats - Get This In Ya - 10" EP - Mellow Yellow Blob In Ultra Clear - Limited To 190

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The Chats - Get This In Ya - 10" EP - Mellow Yellow Blob - Limited to 190 Copies

*Please Note This Is A Pre-Order*

Here at Hot Wax Records we're extremely excited to be working with Aussie boys 'The Chats'. The shed rockers had a great 2017 In no small part down to the success and support of their brilliant single 'Smoko'. Which went viral and has had a staggering 1.4 Million YouTube plays to date. 

If you like garage / punk rock with lyrics that will grab you like a punch in the face, then you have found the right guys! It would be easy to assume that the rest of the tracks surely can't match up to Smoko but this EP has a whole load more to offer than just 1 great track! 

The EP is a frenetic, high intensity journey that will have you singing along at the top of your voice in record time!

2018 is undoubtedly going to be a huge year for the band so snag yourself a copy of their first Vinyl release now!

...and leave us alone! 

Mellow Yellow Blob  – Quantity (190 Unit Total Pressing) 


  • 10" Colour In Colour Vinyl (110 Gram) Mellow Yellow In Ultra Clear.
  • Labels 4/0 CMYK (Pair).
  • 10" Discobag, 4/0 CMYK, 250 GSM W-W Card, Gloss Machine Varnish.
  • 10" Outer Sleeve, 3MM Spine, 4/0 CMYK, 300GSM W-W Card, Gloss Machine Finish.
  • Shrink-wrapped. 


    Please note this item is a pre-order the final product may differ from the mock up images. Obviously we do not anticipate any major changes but small tweaks may be made as we go, in order to make the item the best it can possibly be.

    In terms of expected shipping date we are expecting this one to ship in May 2018. Obviously if we can get it out to you sooner then we will do just that!

    If you are a HWR Club Member then you will be automatically sent the most limited variant which is the Gold Blob variant of this release (if you want a different variant - let us know).

    All pre-orders are final - refunds will not be provided on this item. 

    We will only be proceeding with the production of this record if we reach 232 units sold. We're highly confident we will but if the worst should happen and we don't get close - all purchases will be refunded in full.